Wikipedia se Free mein Backlink aise milta hai | Hrishikesh Roy | #backlinks #seo #googleranking (2024)


Wikipedia se backlink aise banate hai. Agar aap bhi high quality backlink ki talash mein hai toh yeh video pura dekhiye. Quality backlinks aapko aapke website ko rank karane mein help karti hai.

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Thanks for watching the video🙏


Guys, today, I am going to show you one very unique thing.

Here, see it quickly and then let's talk about it.


Am I now?.



Am now on Wikipedia Wikipedia is such a site whose monthly searches are one point.

Three billion imagine.

And if I talk about the authority of Wikipedia, then its authority is ninety eight, which is non as god authority hundred is a maximum.

Ninety eight is a very relevant site.

It is a very non-known site of this world.

So what am I going to do now,? Look at that, I.

Am reading an article here in Wikipedia, which is on search engine.

Example, whose article has been written by this search? Do.

You have any idea? I will tell you now you will know who has written it.

Clicked on edit here, I have to give a line, which is known as this.

One I will show you again.

What I did? I have given my line before this the information, which is this one, the information.

This line is mine.

Now, I just want to see whether this line is proofing relevant here, whether it is giving a good helpful content to the user here.

If it is giving then this approval in Wikipedia and my given content in it It will come.

That means I will also become a writer of Wikipedia.

What will be the use of this, don't go into profit.

Now, see? What I am doing, very tremendous things are happening on you.


Am telling you again and again, don't give up and skip at all.


See now I have written a line here when a user end query into a search engine, the engine scan it's index of web pages to find those that are relevant to the users query.

The results are then ranked by relevancy and display to the user.

The information is also links of web pages.

Article., When.

It is going from one line to another.

It is going in perfect sequence.

It is not that it is inserted in a separate line in the middle.

Which has no meaning here.

Now I 'm going to do a job here that is kinda too much.

I am going to make some internal linking here, which will be only pages of Wikipedia.

I will not give my link right now because I will tell you later, , if you have to wait for that, then do so.

The rest depends on your patients.


Now, see what I'm going to do here? Benefit I will also tell that if you edit Wikipedia and after editing how you can take advantage of it, I will tell that, so stay inside the session.

Now, see what I'm doing here.

? Let's, talk about web pages.

There is already a link.

So I am not going to give it on web, pages., I work to find such an anchor, which will be very relevant here.

Let's talk about intest query search engine search engine is already there.

So it will not be right to give all our content on search engine.

Scans index I can give on index.

So once anchordex is made on index and link is given and I would like to give link to Wikipedia itself.

So I click on search engine index here and see, yeah, this one so I have given link to it.

So now now this search engine, Indexing pe link, aa, gaya hai.

So now I think yeh, ek link, mera par, ban chuka hai as you can see to proof my content, ko index, pe, ek, anchor, text, bhi de diya hai.

Now my content is there, okay?, Publish change publish change reference.

Summary, edit I have to give reason for that.

Too, I am not going to see the world for my reference.

So I am doing it here.

I, added a line how it will be user century helps search engine.

It is written about it.

Its a minor, added I have written it here and I have clicked on publish change.

Now my luck is good and more than luck.

If my relevance is proved here that this The line should have been here.

It was missing, if you put it, then this line will be here permanently.


There is a huge community of Wikipedia contributors who come here and check whether what I have corrected.

Here is correct.


It was fit to be cured.

If it happens, then it will remain otherwise.

It will go away.

So now I will wait for the same let's.

Talk about that let's click on publish change and wait so guys.

Now your edit was published.

It is clearly coming ok? So.

Now, let's talk about that if it is in my own browser, then maybe it is cookie and how? But to confirm me, whether the line I have written in this post has really come here? For.

This I copy.

This particular you are and on whom do I walk? Let's find out on these, whether the line has really come or not? So for that I went and guys see my line here has become available as you can see.


This is mode, at all.

No history of search is saved here.

Nor is there any kiki save,? Nor is there any cash, due to which the same thing is seen here, which has come out from the live server, from Wikipedia's server.

So guys in this way I have put my own content on wikipedia.

This was what I wanted to explain to you earlier in today's video.


What I am going to tell you is very important.

Now those guys know what I have done? I have contributed my content to Wikipedia in which I have my own knowledge.

Now that I myself have knowledge.

Then Wikipedia needs people like us, because what is Wikipedia? Guys,? This is a free encyclopedia, inside which the knowledge of the world is available.

You go and absolutely trust.

The virtual knowledge that is here.

You can pick it up for yourself, although I do not need to give any definition about it.

We all know What is Wikipedia .

But at the same time, it is not a dot org website.

What is a dot org website, which is an organizational or you can say that non-profit organization type website.

It is never added to Wikipedia.


You do not buy anything of any kind, then from where does Wikipedia earn.

How does it maintain such a huge amount? How does its traffic of One.

Point, Three, Billion, come here.

? Guys.

This comes from donation in a pure way.


We Indians have very little faith in donating because we do not have that much paying capacity.

But there are some people in some countries who do donate to Wikipedia.


It comes to the point that why did I become a contributor here ? Why do I give my content.

Here?, Why do I come here to waste.

My time? How.

Does this benefit me? ? Look.

The first benefit is that the heart really gets peace.


Your knowledge is given to the world, no matter what your name is.

But the world is taking advantage of it.

Then the first satisfaction comes from there, but let's leave this part.

Many of you will say this part as a friend.

Keep, all these things friend, tell me, where will the profit come from.

So let's talk about it, first of all, Wikipedia cannot be exploited.

It is very strict because its contributor community is very strict in this matter, brother, here you are.

You, can't do anything like this.

You can't do promotional activity.

You can't do any kind of advertisement here.

You can't even give back link to your website.

Then why come, now I'm telling you, look back, it's, not like that, don't, give Ca n't at all like that if I talk about proofing, you I can show it here.

So you look here.

Look down look down on the left bottom.

Look here.

So guys, these are back links only look search engine.

History dot com.

This is a site, which is not wikipedia.

If I click, then this Will take me to that site.

And what is the back link from Wikipedia for that site,? That means you get back link from Wikipedia.

You can take full advantage of it.

Now I am explaining the profit thing, which is very important for you here., Look, here.

You will see all these maximum back links., Now back links in that site, which has the authority of ninety-eight.

How did you get? See? If you also want its back link., Don't, take advantage at all .

Not, denying Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is saying contribute.

And if you are getting benefit, then take it, but cannot exploit.


Let me tell you now, what you have to do? First of all you go to Wikipedia let's, talk about Wikipedia.

And after going to Wikipedia, you have to create an account here.

To, create account let's go to English version.

And here click on create account like you will click on create account user name.

Give password give password confirm give email address.

And then create account is very simple.

Don't do anything After doing this.

You will get an email verification, verify it.

You have become a contributor to Wikipedia, as soon as you have become a contributor to Wikipedia.

You have all those rights.

You have the power that you can go to Wikipedia and edit things.


You can give things according to your own there.

It is not that you can edit.

You can create new pages, new articles, which should be verified, which should be sited from somewhere, whose sittation is strong.

It is not that You are giving anything of your concoction here, not at all.

If it has proof, if it has any validity, validation, then you can definitely give it there, from here.

Your power comes to edit or add to Wikipedia like It comes now you simply know what to do Do a small work, at least for ten to twelve days.

You put your mind on the contribution here, many things that are before you will be undone.

I've got my own here.

I can show you here.

It is.


You can see here a material scientist left a message on your talk page in December, two thousand twenty-two.

You click here and show it, after clicking more I.

Am showing you it is clearly written here.

wanted to let you know that one of your recent contribution, especially this edit means search console.

Pe, maine, ek, edit diya tha has been undone Why? Because.

They have said that it's appeared to be promotional promotion means that they felt that I was doing any promotion on it.

Although I did not promote anything.

Nor in fact, did I give back link.

Even after that, if they feel promotional, then it means that you are understanding that there is a very strict platform, here.

You have to do your work very thoughtfully.

Otherwise your work will go in vain here because cost exploitation is not to be done.

This is such a big site and such a big site will not tolerate upside down spreading.

So you see here it has undone my own.


This means that what I have to do here, I have to do the simple thing, which is the fact which is very legitimate.

Just what you have to do is keep doing small edits with lots of love for ten to twelve days like If, you edit, then your account is getting warmed up.

It is getting warmed up.

So your authority is increasing and authority is increasing.

So you will see that after contribution of one, two, months, three months.

It is good .


A lot of your time, after that.

You will be eligible, in which I have just shown you how people are benefiting by contributing to Wikipedia.

Because of course, no one does hundred percent charity in this world.

So Wikipedia for a long run.

This is known.

So Wikipedia gives full opportunity to give backlink to those particular contributors, who are putting a lot of mind like this., Isn't, it?, So.

You just what do you have to do after today? You have to put a lot of your mind in Wikipedia.

And after that, you will get such a treasure of Aladdin from where you can take back link.


If a back link comes from a site like Wikipedia, don't, you know how the growth of your site will go? can not imagine.

That's all, today.

I have my secret, that reveal being an agency.

We do all these things.

So I know, all those secrets, from which there is a side rank.

There is a keyword rank, as much as you want.

The tough rank becomes behind these types of Look at the link, I have revealed the secret to you guys, I have revealed.

It openly, have I left anything or not.

I will not tell you this much, guys.

You also do not open your heart, like and comment and see how to give such serious content.

Even after this.

If you feel that my channel is not growing, then you are also responsible somewhere because you do not subscribe because it is so easy to motivate me by clicking a button.

Because if my subscribers do not increase So, it means that I am not doing good work, somewhere, I, accept that my hard work is going in vain.

So if I become demotivated, then I will be able to reveal my secret to you people for so many years.

I will not be able to reveal my experiences, friend, please subscribe, like Keep doing all this, comment, share.

So that my content can give me a little benefit and I also do not feel that why should I reveal my secret,? Why should I waste such that when I do not get love from you? But in you.

There are many people who give lots of love, I.

Am thankful to them, I would like to suggest that you take advantage of Wikipedia, in this way.

It is a very successful thing.

Your site will also rank.

You are also considered a good contributor to Wikipedia.

You will go and from Wikipedia, apart from such backlling.

You can take many other benefits, but the advantage of back link is prime.

It is supreme, which you can absolutely pick up for your website, let's meet in my next video.

Then., Tak, ke, liye, guys have a nice day.

See you and meet like this.

Wikipedia se Free mein Backlink aise milta hai | Hrishikesh Roy | #backlinks #seo #googleranking (2024)


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