Aden + Anais Leader of the Pack Print Baby Swaddle Blanket Review (2024)

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Just before we jump straight into the deep end of our Aden + Anais Leader of the Pack Print Baby Swaddle Blanket review, we thought you might like to have a quick read of how the seller, John Lewis chooses to describe this item in the description: This handy pack of Aden + Anais Leader of the Pack print Swaddle Blankets contains four cute and cosy blankets each with a different charming print. The light, open weave is soft and breathable to allow temperature regulation and help reduce the risk of overheating. Works as a pram or nursing cover, changing mat cover, burp cloth, tummy time blanket and more.. As you will have undoubtedly come to expect of products from John Lewis, you can certainly rely on the fact that you will be getting a high quality product, that will offer a very decent shelf life, why not visit John Lewis’s website for details of their own product warranty, these are usually offered with all of their wide range of items available to buy online.

Aden + Anais Leader of the Pack Print Baby Swaddle Blanket detailed review

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We have a rigid process in place for all of our reviews and we always make sure that we search the web to find the lowest possible price for items like the Aden + Anais Leader of the Pack Print Baby Swaddle Blanket, what that means is that we are saving you lots of time, so you don’t need to be searching around the internet for the best deal. Our research found the best online price available for the Aden + Anais Leader of the Pack Print Baby Swaddle Blanket was the insanely low 44.95, and the online retailer that offers this bargain price was the infamous John Lewis, this also means that you buy it confidently in the knowledge that you are getting a fantastic product from perhaps the best known online retailer that the UK has to offer.

Getting started with our top to bottom product review for the Aden + Anais Leader of the Pack Print Baby Swaddle Blanket, which can be identified by John Lewis’s following unique code 237054917. This individual product is suited to a massive range of consumers, and as part of our patented product trial, we can confirm a very high performance against all of our Baby Products tests. If you’re checking this review out from a location outside of the United Kingdom then you will need to know the European article number, a unique identifying number which is sometimes called the EAN, for this item it is 14784238485. Why not use this unique number to look up product ratings in your local area to ensure it is compatible before you purchase it.

Of course, with so many customer reviews readily available for this item, we recognise that you came to us because you wanted to hear an expert opinion in the category of Baby Products, so before you make up your mind and commit to purchasing this item, have a read of the following information. In addition to some of our helpful opinions given in this product review, we thought it might be useful to collate some some real world user reviews from different areas in the UK. We are thrilled to let you know that we found a massive 306 reviews for the Aden + Anais Leader of the Pack Print Baby Swaddle Blanket and out of a wide range of people that bought the item and tested it out for themselves, the average rating was a hugely impressive 9 out of 10.

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Summary review of the Aden + Anais Leader of the Pack Print Baby Swaddle Blanket

Following quite a few hours and 461 Baby Products reviews undertaken by The Review Shop over the last few months, we really enjoyed getting to test and live with the Aden + Anais Leader of the Pack Print Baby Swaddle Blanket. In actual fact, this could well be one of our favourite products to come from John Lewis in recent times, and that is even more impressive when you consider that we have tested over 94 of their products over the last few months! If you are not convinced already that this is the right bit of kit to suit your needs, then we recommend the ‘See all reviews’ button at the top of the page to get a bit of validation from some like minded buyers and once you have seen first hand some of the best features of this product, we think you will be pretty keen to visit John Lewis’s website and order it before they run out of stock.

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Aden + Anais Leader of the Pack Print Baby Swaddle BlanketWritten by: The Review Shop
Rating: 9 out of 10

Aden + Anais Leader of the Pack Print Baby Swaddle Blanket Review (2024)


How does Aden and Anais swaddle work? ›

Adjustable hook and loop fasteners wrap securely around your baby, creating a snug, womb-like feeling, and helping to prevent the natural startle reflex. With Easy Swaddle Wrap, you can swaddle them two ways; arms-in or arms-out, depending on their sleep preference.

What blanket is best to swaddle a baby? ›

You want fabric that is soft, breathable, and not too firm. We recommend using a cotton muslin swaddle blanket. Swaddling with a muslin blanket is perfect because it is an extremely breathable fabric that helps to prevent overheating, as well as, providing more stretch so your baby will be less confined.

How do you use Aden and Anais newborn swaddle? ›

Hook and loop closure swaddle blankets are extremely easy to use: simply open the swaddle in a T shape, place your baby's legs in the pouch, fold the left side over and tuck it under the baby, then fold the right side over and secure the tabs.

What size swaddle blanket is best for newborn? ›

What size should a swaddling blanket be? A swaddle blanket should be no less than 42” x 42” in size and square in shape to make it easy to swaddle, and have enough fabric to tuck into itself to secure.

How does swaddling increase SIDS? ›

If a swaddled infant rolls from the back to the stomach, he/she cannot move to try and correct the position. Therefore, the infant will be in the most dangerous position. Suffocation is possible. If an infant is swaddled with thick blankets, this can lead to overheating, which is another high risk factor for SIDS.

Does swaddling reduce SIDS? ›

The short answer is, no. Swaddling isn't linked to a decreased risk of SIDS.

Should a newborn sleep in a swaddle blanket? ›

Swaddling should only be introduced when your baby is a newborn. As soon as they show signs that they're learning to roll over or they can already roll over, you need to transition them away from swaddling (Pease et al, 2016; The Lullaby Trust 2021; McDonnell & Moon, 2017; Nelson, 2017).

Can newborns sleep in a swaddle blanket? ›

A safe sleep space for infants should stay free of any loose bedding or soft objects. However, as with regular blanket swaddling, the use of wearable blankets or sleep sacks that compress the arms, chest and body should stop once a baby shows signs of starting to roll over.

Should babies wear pajamas under swaddle? ›

If it is warm outside, putting your baby in a diaper underneath the swaddle may just be enough. If however, the temperature is cold, it's a good idea to put baby in a short or long sleeved onesie or even footy pajamas to ensure that baby is kept warm.

How long should you swaddle a baby a day? ›

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents keep their babies swaddled for 12–20 hours per day for the first few weeks after birth. This relaxes babies. Swaddling a baby correctly also protects her from overheating, injuries and sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS.

How long should you swaddle a baby for? ›

You should stop swaddling your baby when he starts attempting to roll over. Many babies start working on this move at about 2 months old. Swaddling once your baby can roll over may increase the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and suffocation.

Can you swaddle a baby too tight? ›

Swaddling may cause health problems or even be a risk factor for SIDS for several reasons, which include: Swaddling too tight around the chest. If a baby is swaddled too tight around the chest, he may not have enough space to breathe freely.

How many layers should a newborn wear under a swaddle? ›

In most cases, you'll want to dress your baby in one light layer beneath a swaddle. If you're in a colder climate or keep your baby's sleep space on the cooler side, think something like a long sleeve footie.

How many layers do you need to swaddle a newborn? ›

You should dress your baby one-to-two layers to sleep—make sure they don't have any strings or ties—and never cover baby's head. Until the baby can roll on their own, a swaddle or sleep sack can be one of those layers.

Which country has highest SIDS rate? ›

The highest SIDS rates in 1990 (>2.0/1000 live births) were in Ireland, New Zealand, and Scotland. More recently, the highest SIDS rates (>0.5/1000 live births) are in New Zealand and the United States. The lowest rates (<0.2/1000) are in Japan and the Netherlands.

Why does sleeping in the same room as baby reduce SIDS? ›

Dr. Hauck: We don't know for sure why room-sharing without bed-sharing is protective, but we have some theories. One is that the babies are sleeping more lightly because there is more movement around them (so they cannot get into as deep a sleep, which can contribute to the final pathway in SIDS).

Does SIDS decrease at 4 months? ›

SIDS occurs between the first month and before the first year of an infant's life. Infants aged 2-4 months endanger greater risk of SIDS, while most deaths occur in infants during the sixth month of their life6.

At what month does SIDS decrease? ›

SIDS is less common after 8 months of age, but parents and caregivers should continue to follow safe sleep practices to reduce the risk of SIDS and other sleep-related causes of infant death until baby's first birthday. More than 90% of all SIDS deaths occur before 6 months of age.

What makes SIDS less likely? ›

Babies who sleep on their backs are at lower risk for SIDS than babies who sleep on their stomachs or sides. If baby usually sleeps on their back, putting them on the stomach or side to sleep for a nap or at night,increases the risk for SIDS by up to 45 times.

What season do Most SIDS deaths occur? ›

About 2,300 babies in the United States die of SIDS each year. Some babies are more at risk than others. For example, SIDS is more likely to affect a baby who is between 1 and 4 months old, it is more common in boys than girls, and most deaths occur during the fall, winter and early spring months.

Should you Unswaddle to feed at night? ›

If your baby is swaddled, keep them swaddled throughout their night feeds. Or if your baby is older, keep them in their sleeping bag. If you need to do a diaper change before or during their feed, re-swaddle them again or put them back in their sleeping bag as soon as they are changed.

What do babies wear to bed after swaddle? ›

What Comes After the Swaddle? Once you have stopped swaddling, baby should sleep in any type of pajamas. Footed sleepers, two piece pajamas, or a even a onesie are perfect. Babies overheat easily, so always err on the side of baby being cooler rather than warmer.

Is it OK to keep baby swaddled while feeding? ›

Do not swaddle while feeding, as this can cause the baby to overheat. Swaddling during feeding can also suppress some of the baby's important reflexes. During breastfeeding, a baby who can move freely can latch on better and nurse more effectively.

What should a newborn wear under a swaddle at night? ›

Dressing a baby in a short sleeve bodysuit and cotton sleepsuit can be just right under a swaddle during colder nights, while just one long sleeve vest or sleepsuit is commonly worn underneath swaddles in milder temperatures.

Can newborn sleep in footie pajamas and swaddle? ›

This makes sense, as a baby should not sleep with a loose sheet or blanket. Generally speaking, a two-piece cotton PJ set or footed onesie plus a muslin swaddle should suffice.

How do I stop my startle reflex without swaddling? ›

Allow baby to be exposed to some noise while napping. If baby is able to tolerate some background noise, he or she will be less likely to startle at sudden changes in noise or position.

How do I know if my baby is too hot for a swaddle? ›

Here are some indicators a baby is too hot: Warm to the touch. Flushed or red skin. Rapid heartbeat.

What should baby wear to sleep 72 degrees? ›

68 - 72 degrees Fahrenheit:

This is the ideal room temperature for a sleeping baby. On the lower end of this temperature, we would suggest a footed sleeper or perhaps a onesie paired with socks.

What should baby wear at night 70 degrees? ›

Dressing Baby for Sleep in a 70 Degree Room

A good rule of thumb to remember when dressing your infant is to dress them in whatever you are comfortable wearing plus one additional layer. In a 70 degree room, you could put on one sleepsack worthy of 1 tog, or a lightweight swaddle blanket.

Can I burp baby while swaddled? ›

One of our nurse leaders in the mom baby unit at Sky Ridge Medical Center, Elizabeth Ferrill, demonstrates how to best burp your baby for results: With your baby swaddled, hold him or her outward facing away from your body, then pat and rub the back.

Should newborns sleep in the dark? ›

Babies are just like us; they sleep best in the dark. Why? Light is stimulating to your baby's brain, while darkness promotes sleep. That means light is perfect for awake time, but darkness is best for nights and naps.

Should newborns be swaddled all day or only during when they sleep? ›

If you're wondering should you swaddle newborn for naps, the answer is yes! Swaddling is encouraged for all sleep because it lets baby know that when they're swaddled, it's time to get some Zzz's. Swaddling encourages better sleep for baby, too, especially in those early newborn days and nights!

What is the bedtime for a 2 month old? ›

By 2 months, baby's last nap should be ending by 6:30pm. Bedtime should be around 6:30-8:30pm and should occur about 1-2 hours after the last nap ends. 3 months: babies this age should be on a solid 4 nap schedule with the last nap of the day ending by 5:30pm.

Why do babies sleep with their arms up? ›

The Moro reflex is the cause of your newborn baby to sleep with his arms above his head. This reflex, commonly referred to as the “startle reflex”, disappears by 6 months of age.

How can I keep my baby warm without a swaddle? ›

If you're wondering how to keep baby warm without swaddle the Lullaby Trust recommends using “light bedding or a lightweight, well-fitting baby sleep bag.” Especially when unwell babies need fewer, not more bedclothes.

Would my baby cry if the swaddle was too tight? ›

Baby should look (and feel) calm and soothed, but not so tight that she appears uncomfortable and fussy. You should be able to place two to three fingers between your baby's chest and the swaddle. Also, make sure that the blanket isn't too tight around their hips so that baby can move her legs easily.

Why is my baby not comfortable in swaddle? ›

If the baby hates being swaddled, it may be a simple matter of not having timed the swaddle properly. An overtired baby might react to swaddling differently than a baby that is in the process of winding down, and thus more ready for swaddling. The next opportunity for a slow pause in the day, think about your timing.

How does swaddling work? ›

What is swaddling? Swaddling is a traditional practice of wrapping a baby up gently in a light, breathable blanket to help them feel calm and sleepy. They should only have their body wrapped and not their neck or head, to reduce the chance of suffocation.

Do babies wear onesie under swaddle? ›

A lightweight onesie should do the trick when it comes to what baby should wear underneath a swaddle or sleep sack in warmer weather. In the winter months, a long sleeve onesie may be preferred.

Do babies sleep better when swaddled? ›

Swaddled Babies Sleep Longer

All infants were placed on their backs. The researchers found swaddling increases a baby's total amount of sleep as well as nonrapid eye movement (NREM) or light sleep compared with when they were not swaddled.

Do you keep baby swaddled while sleeping? ›

Babies don't have to be swaddled. If your baby is happy without swaddling, don't bother. Always put your baby to sleep on his back. This is true no matter what, but is especially true if he is swaddled.

Should newborns be swaddled? ›

Swaddling can be very helpful in the first days and weeks of life. However, it should be discontinued once the baby is actively trying to flip from back to front, which can happen as early as 6-8 weeks of age. “Actually, the goal should be to swaddle as little as possible,” says Dr. Srinivas.

How do I know if baby is too hot in swaddle? ›

Luckily, there's an easy way to tell if your baby is too hot. Touch their ears and neck. If their ears are red and hot—and their neck is sweaty—your baby is too warm. Dress them more lightly or cool the room.

Do newborns need pajamas under swaddle? ›

With a baby under 1 year of age, there should be no blankets or anything loose in the crib with him. So his clothes/pajamas and a swaddle or sleep sack are the only sources of warmth you should use.

How tight should a swaddle blanket be? ›

Check that the swaddle is not tight: 2 fingers should fit between the wrap and your baby's chest. If your baby is sweating, he or she is too warm. You need to remove the swaddle. Your baby is now ready to be held for comfort or feeding.

How long do babies use swaddle blankets? ›

‌You should stop swaddling your baby when they start to roll over. That's typically between two and four months. During this time, your baby might be able to roll onto their tummy, but not be able to roll back over. This can raise their risk of SIDs.

How do I know if my baby is cold? ›

Although your baby's hands and face may feel cold, this may differ from their core body temperature. To give you a better idea if they are warm or cold, feel the skin on their tummy and back. Their skin should feel warm and not too hot or cold.

What do babies sleep in after swaddle? ›

What Comes After the Swaddle? Once you have stopped swaddling, baby should sleep in any type of pajamas. Footed sleepers, two piece pajamas, or a even a onesie are perfect. Babies overheat easily, so always err on the side of baby being cooler rather than warmer.


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